All professional degree students at the Nicholas School of the Environment have the opportunity to pursue independent study with individual faculty members. After discussing the potential for an independent study with a faculty member including topic and number of credits, students register to take independent study credit under ENVIRON 593 (or ENVIRON 997 for DEL-MEMs).

A permission number is required to enroll in the independent study course in the DukeHub. The student must enter the number of credits agreed upon at the point of registration. The instructor will grade the final product and assign a grade.

Once the student enrolls in the independent study course in the DukeHub, be sure to submit the Independent Study Title Form so that we can add the independent study title to your Duke transcript. The title must not exceed 30 characters, including spaces and punctuation.




Contact the NSOE Registrar at or stop by A108 LSRC (Levine Science Research Center).


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