Please be advised that course registration in required courses (core requirements) must be completed by the end of drop/add.


ENVIRON 898 Program Area Seminar 

All students (first and continuing) are required to register for the Master's Project (MP) Seminar (ENVIRON 898) every semester. Although the course counts in the number of credits that you are enrolled in each term, you will earn only ONE credit towards your degree at graduation even though you will have registered for this course in multiple semesters. First year students must enroll in their program area section of ENVIRON 898. For example, if you are an EEP student, you will enroll in ENVIRON 898.05.

Registration in the MP Seminar must be completed by the end of drop/add registration. Second year/continuing students may be redirected to enroll in the MP Seminar that aligns more closely with their MP topic. Please be on the lookout for instructions from the MP Program Coordinator.

Concurrent/dual degree students will take ENVIRON 898 in the fall and spring semesters in year three (except for students completing the dual MBA at Kenan Flagler who will enroll in ENVIRON 898 only in their Duke semester in year three). Students who enrolled prior to fall 2016 should have taken ENV 800. 

ENVIRON 899 Master’s Project Credits

Second year/continuing students are reminded that they are required to register for at least 4 but not more than 6 MP credits under their MP advisor's section of ENVIRON 899. Students in Group Master’s Projects should be enrolled in the same section of ENVIRON 899. MP credits can either be spread across two semesters (i.e. fall AND spring) or taken all in one semester (i.e. fall OR spring). See your MP advisor for permission numbers to enroll and to determine the appropriate number of credits.


ENVIRON 995 Leadership Seminar

All DEL-MEM students are required to take this 1-credit course each semester for a total of 4 credit hours. Students earn course credit by participating in 5 in-person sessions and in periodic webinars on leadership topics.

ENVIRON 899 Master's Project Credits

An applied study of a forestry or environmental management problem or an original research effort. A presentation of the objectives, methodology, and preliminary findings is required. A written (or other medium) report at the conclusion of the project is also required. Undertaken with the guidance of the student's adviser. Students must earn a minimum of 4 credits in ENVIRON 899 to graduate but could earn up to 6 MP credits.  

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