Welcome to the Global Inventory of Long-Term Soil-Ecosystem Experiments - LTSEs

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Since about 2004, we have been inventorying and networking long-term soil-ecosystem studies (LTSEs) world-wide. This global inventory has grown to nearly 250 studies, and we are now beginning to sample soils (0 to 1-m) in 30 to 40 LTSEs in the first coordinated sampling of these invaluable studies. We seek individual scientists, science administrators, land managers, students, institutions & the general public to help build this new scientific project. To quote Ishaku Amapu of Nigeria, "we need make the world's long-term soil experiments work harder."

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Dan Richter, Mike Hofmockel, Mac Callaham, David Powlson, & Pete Smith
Duke Univ, USDA Forest Service, Rothamsted Research, & Univ Aberdeen"

Nearly 250 LTSEs are in the inventory with metadata and are found on all continents, including Antarctica.