Spring 2023

The academic term begins Wednesday, January 11, 2023 and ends Friday, May 5, 2023.  

To view course offerings, see Spring Undergraduate Courses or Spring Graduate Courses.

Detailed Academic Calendar - Spring 2023

Tuesday, January 12         Duke University Marine Lab Residential move in

Wednesday, January 11   Block A Begins 8:30 AM. Spring semester begins

Friday, January  13            Drop/Add for Block A ends at 5:00pm

Monday, January 16          Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday. No classes are held. 

Friday, February 10            Block A Ends

Monday, February 13        Block B Begins

Wednesday, February 15   Drop/Add for Block B ends at 5:00pm

Monday, February 20         Registration begins for Summer 2023

Friday, March 10                 Block B ends, Spring Break Begins 7:00pm

Monday, March 20              Classes resume. Block C Begins

Wednesday, March 22        Drop/Add for Block C ends at 5:00 pm

Monday, March 27              Shopping carts open for Fall 2023

Wednesday, April 5             Registration begins for Fall 2023; Summer 2023 registration continues

Tuesday, April 11                 Block C Ends

Wednesday, April 12            Block D Begins

Thursday, April 13                Registration ends for Fall 2023; Summer 2023 registration continues

Thursday, April 13-14         Nicholas School Masters Projects Symposium

Friday, April 14                   Drop/Add ends for Block D at 5:00pm. Drop/Add begins for Fall 2023

Friday, May 5                      Block D Ends

Saturday, May 6                 Students vacate dorm by 8:30 am

Friday, May 12                Duke Commencement Weekend begins 



Fall 2022

To view fall course offerings, see Fall Undergraduate Courses or Fall Graduate Courses.

Detailed Academic Calendar - Fall 2022


August 29                  Monday. 8:30 AM Fall semester begins: Drop/Add continues

September 5           Monday. Labor Day. Classes in session

September 9           Friday. Drop/Add ends

October 7                Friday. 7 PM Fall break begins

October 12              Wednesday. 8:30 AM Classes resume

November 2            Wednesday. Registration begins for Spring 2023

November 11            Friday. Last day to withdraw with W from Fall 2022 classes (Undergrads)

November 14            Monday. Registration ends for Spring 2023

November 15            Tuesday. Drop/Add begins for Spring 2023

November 22              Tuesday. 10:30 PM Thanksgiving recess begins

November 28            Monday. 8:30 AM DUML classes resume

December 9              Friday. DUML Classes end

December 10-13       Reading period

December 14            Wednesday. Exams begin 9 AM.

December 16            Friday.  DUML Exams end by 10 PM

December 17            Saturday. Residential students vacate dorms by 8:30 AM







Summer 2022

To view summer course listings, see Summer 1 courses and Summer 2 courses.

The dates for Summer 2022 can be found on Duke's Academic Calendar.

Individual course dates can be found in DukeHub during registration.