Master of Environmental Management Degree

The Master of Environmental Management (MEM) degree is offered through Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. The MEM degree trains students to understand the scientific basis of environmental problems, as well as the social, political and economic factors that determine effective policy options. Students opting for a MEM degree in Coastal and Marine Systems spend the first year in Durham fulfilling required coursework; the second year is typically spent at the Marine Lab, where further coursework and a Master's Project are completed.

Doctoral Program

The PhD in Marine Science and Conservation (MSC) is designed to ensure that students receive detailed training in a particular discipline of marine natural or social science, while being exposed to sufficient interdisciplinary knowledge that they are able to synthesize information from both the social and natural sciences and apply that information to policy-making. Students will be prepared for careers either in university teaching or research, or outside of the university involving the application of science to policy-making.

Tuition & Fees

Professional Master's Degree in Environmental Management

Students enrolled in the Master of Environmental Management (MEM) - Coastal Environmental Management program area are enrolled through the Nicholas School of the Environment. Please see Tuition & Fees.

Doctoral Program

For additional information, please visit the Graduate School website.

Summer Course Costs

Summer courses are open to Duke students as well as students visiting from other universities. Information about costs is available on our Marine Lab Tuition & Fees page