What is your previous work experience?

Fresh out of university, I spent 2 years at the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) overseeing environmental studies for the sustainable development and intensification of aquaculture in Singapore’s coastal waters. I also handled regional and international relations on fisheries and aquaculture-related issues, representing Singapore’s interests at platforms like the FAO, APEC and ASEAN.

Why did you choose the Nicholas School?

When I started looking at graduate programs, most focused on research and required a thesis to graduate. But I wanted something practical and interdisciplinary, where I could take what I learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world problems. Although my undergraduate education was focused on the scientific principles of environmentalism and sustainability, through my work experiences, I saw that it was possible to make environmental practices socially and economically feasible. Thus, if this was possible on a small institutional scale, imagine the impact a large industry-leading organization could have! 

What are you looking forward to as a new Nicholas School student?

I’m really excited to meet my classmates from the Nicholas School that come from all over the world! I hope to learn from their diverse experiences and backgrounds and to build a community of professionals passionate about shaping the environmental field for the better.

Do you have any areas of interest or special focus you will undertake during your time at the Nicholas School?

At the Nicholas School, I would like to explore the role of local communities and indigenous people in building a climate-resilient world. I strongly believe that such communities are the key part of the solution to many of our environmental issues, and would like to better engage them by gaining a holistic understanding of the socioeconomic systems that govern their values and actions. As such, I will likely be pursuing the Certificate in Community-Based Environmental Management.

What plans do you have for your career after the Nicholas School?

With an ambition to become a bridge between environmental science and policy, I would love to shape effective and balanced environmental policies in international organizations upon graduation. I hope to ensure sustainable and equitable stewardship of our natural capital by envisioning solutions that consider even the most marginalized.