What is your previous work experience?

For roughly 4 years I supported neighborhood groups in stewarding and improving their local parks and trails at the Austin Parks Foundation, including providing financial support, liaising between city departments, leading advocacy efforts at City Hall related to capital improvements and operational funding, and overseeing citywide volunteer events. For the last 3 years or so I have managed a large landscape conservation partnership, the Texas Hill Country Conservation Network, focused on scaling land and water conservation efforts in an 11 million acre region of Central Texas.

Why did you choose the Nicholas School?

I chose the Nicholas School for its great mix of academics, community, excellent faculty, and quite simply, because after visiting it was very easy to see myself at the Nic School and in Durham. I'm excited for the breadth and depth I'll be able to get through coursework and the friendships I develop here.

What are you looking forward to as a new Nicholas School student?

It's been a little bit since I was a student, so I'm excited to get back into the classroom. I'm also excited to meet all my classmates - everyone has such interesting backgrounds and experience!

Do you have any areas of interest or special focus you will undertake during your time at the Nicholas School?

While I have a background in conservation finance and partnership management, I'm excited to really dig in the area of climate change and find my place in specifically tackling that challenge.

What plans do you have for your career after the Nicholas School?

I see myself either going back into the nonprofit sector, where I've spent my career to date, or working with the private sector to develop carbon markets and find other ways to drive down emissions.