We seek industry partners who are willing to share time and expertise to complement our students’ classroom education. Together, we can provide a range of experiential learning opportunities where our students can aptly apply their knowledge and skills, through internship opportunities, client projects and client-centered master’s projects.


We are always looking for industry partners who are willing and able to create internships for our students, be they undergraduates, masters, or professional students. Internship opportunities in all environmental sectors help to train our students in real-world situations, providing invaluable on-the-job training.

Client Projects

We look for semester-long projects where our students can help our partner organizations fulfill important and long-lasting organizational needs, addressing real-world problems in a professional setting.

Propose a semester project for your organization

Current Needs

The Sustainable Business Strategy course is in need of clients with short-term strategic questions that can be addressed using strategic analysis tools such as stakeholder analysis, SWOT, benchmarking, multi-criteria decision analysis. 

Project Scope & Requirements

Clients should have a clear scope of work which is reviewed and agreed upon prior to participation. Projects that can be completed within a semester are most desirable.


  • August: Review of applications – client selected
  • September: Finalize project scope
  • October: Meet with students in person or virtually to provide project scope
  • October-March: Meet with students to provide guidance and feedback (frequency is decided upon at the guidance of the client)
  • Mid-April: Final presentation by students with a summary memo and analysis outlining recommendations

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Client Expectation

We ask that clients:

  • Meet with student groups virtually or in person a few times throughout the semester. Clients and students agree upon expectations regarding frequency of meetings when projects begin. 
  • Share data sources that assist students in completing work. Work is only shared within the classroom – a confidentiality agreement will be made available to participants.

Get STarted

To begin the process of inquiring about a potential project, please contact Jeremy Pare, Ph.D. jeremy.pare@duke.edu



Client-Centered Master's Projects

Client-centered Master's Projects (MPs) span approximately one year and may take the form of management plans, educational curricula, policy analyses, business plans or other deliverables. These projects are mutually beneficial, with our students achieving additional professional growth by collaborating with a real-world client, and the client receiving tangible research benefits at no cost.

Propose a master's project for your organization

Project Scope & Requirements

A Master's Project should:

  • Align with interests, expertise and capabilities of students and faculty.
  • Ask a well-defined environmental science, policy or management question.
  • Make data available for analysis, or include a plan for assisting students in obtaining data.
  • Be completed within the master's project timeline.

View sample master's projects


Clients submit project proposals by June 1. Students are matched with projects in early September, and work begins immediately. Students submit their final project in April.

Client Expectation

  • The organization should provide a clear point of contact who will communicate with students and  respond regularly and in a timely manner.
  • The client should meet with the group and the MP advisor to define the project scope, formulate a researchable problem and develop a work plan that best fits the challenge posed.
  • The client should engage and commit to work with the team for the duration of the MP.
  • The client should regularly provide feedback to the group throughout the MP process.

Submit Project Proposal

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please email nsoe-mastersproject@duke.edu with a half-page project description so we can connect you with the Program Chairs to further discuss. 



Want to participate but not sure which option is best? We are always looking for innovative ways to connect our students with clients. Please get in touch and let’s talk about where we might be able to make a connection.

Abbey Sheehy
Office of Student Services