Mrs. Gloekler is currently an Associate Health Scientist II with Cardno ChemRisk.  Cardno ChemRisk is a global environmental consulting firm specializing human health risk assessment, industrial hygiene, consumer product sustainability, exposure assessment, as well as occupational health and safety consulting for a wide variety of clients.  Furthermore, the company is dedicated to developing scientific knowledge in the fields of toxicology, epidemiology, product sustainability, medical devices, and nanotechnology, among others.

In 2013, Mrs. Gloekler completed her Masters in Environmental Management with a concentration in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health (EEH) from Duke University. During graduate school, Mrs. Gloekler focused on gaining knowledge and expertise in toxicology, environmental chemistry, and human health risk assessment. For her thesis work, she collected and analyzed hand wipe samples from student populations in Hong Kong and mainland China in order to quantify levels of exposure to flame-retardant chemicals in Asia, as well as to assess how behavioral factors influenced exposure.

In her current position, Mrs. Gloekler regularly develops occupational and exposure histories for the purposes of providing litigation support for leading experts in the firm.  Additionally, she regularly investigates and researches the toxicology and human health effects of a variety of chemicals in various occupational settings. Specifically, she has reviewed and summarized historical and recent literature related to asbestos-related diseases in various occupational cohorts, including plumbers, boilermakers, insulators, and mechanics.  Mrs. Gloekler is also currently working on several manuscripts related to the use and exposure of flame-retardants in consumer products.

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