Corinne Walden, inspired to work in a lab following her experience with a research internship at the University of Minnesota and a senior thesis at Duke, was drawn to Wacker by its vision of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. She has worked for the global company at the Allentown, Pa. technical center for six years, assisting paint manufacturers in the process of formulating Wacker VAE polymers into low and zero VOC waterborne coatings.  She also engages in the evaluation of research and development samples and takes part in shaping the composition of future products, which she sees as an opportunity to improve the sustainability profile of the polymers (such as through the removal of formaldehyde and APEOs).

Walden additionally works on the development of new solutions for the industry, with a current focus on products to improve the integrity of building envelopes and thereby increase energy savings. She designs and maintains lab processes and procedures that are safe and consistent to the high standards of ISO certification. She also conducts fundamentals studies and uses that knowledge to contribute to the writing of technical reports and recommendations. Within the past two years, she has presented technical papers at symposiums across North America.