• MEM Primary Concentration: Environment Concentration: Terrestrial and Freshwater Environments (TFE)
  • MEM Secondary Concentration: Management Concentration: Environmental Analytics and Modeling (EAM)
  • Expected Graduation Date: May 2025

What is your previous work experience?

I worked for two years as an environmental engineer, where I designed safe and effective water infrastructure systems for a variety of clients. Two notable projects that helped define my professional interests were in Puerto Rico, where I worked with FEMA to distribute $4 billion of funds to rebuild failed infrastructure and increase resiliency in communities affected by Hurricane Maria, and in Central Texas, where I modeled water and wastewater distribution systems for one of the country’s fastest-growing suburbs. My time working as an environmental engineer showed me different methods of water resource management and sparked my interest in pursuing a Master’s degree to learn about equitable management of the earth’s water supply. 

Why did you choose the Nicholas School?

I was initially drawn to the Nicholas School because of the variety of specializations, the freedom students had to customize their degree plans, and the positioning of the school within the Duke University system as a whole. The emphasis this program puts on multidisciplinary solutions to prioritize maximum safety for communities and the natural environment is what made me certain it would be a great fit for me and my professional goals. I will enjoy the opportunity to develop my technical skills while also analyzing environmental issues through different lenses. 

What are you looking forward to as an incoming Nicholas School student?

Learning alongside the other students! I look forward to getting back into a classroom, being inspired by the energy of my classmates and professors, and hearing everyone’s stories that led them to the Nicholas School. I am thrilled to be a part of this cohort of like-minded, goal-oriented, forward-thinking environmental advocates.

Do you have any areas of interest or special focus you will undertake during your time at the Nicholas School?

To piggyback off of my professional experience, I will be pursuing the Terrestrial and Freshwater Environments and Environmental Analytics and Modeling concentrations. A special focus I hope to narrow in on is understanding environmental justice and equitable water management solutions as they pertain to climate change mitigation in underserved areas of the United States and The Americas at large. Another area of interest of mine is Spanish language and Latin American Studies, which I studied in college alongside engineering. I plan to obtain the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Graduate Certificate in addition to the MEM. 

What are your current career aspirations?

Upon graduation, I see myself working as an advocate for people entangled in complex water situations, whether that’s as a policy researcher, educator, or project manager. Specifically, I want to assess climate-related water risks, design efficient water systems, and prioritize the implementation of equitable water management strategies for communities while considering their unique needs. I look forward to a career working with an organization that aligns with my values and serves global citizens and the environment.